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A company carrying a history of Twenty years in manufacturing granite & marble products like Kitchen Tops, Granite & Marble door frames, Laboratory Table Tops, Wash Basin Tops, Stair Case Railings & other customized products. In this insdustry, we have been committed towards innovation, quality assurance & customer satisfaction. Our devotion & constant study in making these products more valuable which have succeeded us to provide best value to our customers. It is with this resolution that we have became one of the known firm in Granite & Marble solid door frames.

These frames have some very different & special features, mainly as they are in one piece they are very sturdy as well as durable. In addition these Door Frames are weather resistant, termite Proof, water Proof, long lasting & maintenance free. More over these frame are very economical. It\\\'s also being recommended & preffered by Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers & Contractors for residential & commercial purposes.